Some Nights


First, I would like to say, if you are having doubts, or if this album does not give you the good vibes you had longed for, I suggest you head over to Spotify and listen to the bonus commentary. Nate, Jack and Andrew do a remarkably admirable job explaining their process of molding and building each track off of the new album. I believe an artist’s interpretation of his or her own work is the most important step in forming fair, educated, justified criticisms.

Change is inevitable, and I will agree, change is not always a positive thing. The transcendence into new genres and the introduction of new technical elements are often difficult to grasp, but don’t be so quick to pass this album off as a poorly produced, “sell-out” attempt. Some Nights is like Aim and Ignite’s younger, funkier brother. The lyrical value of Some Nights is almost as strong as Aim & Ignite, the presentation, though, is completely opposite. Each track possesses something different and something unexpected. The use of auto-tune does not overpower or take anything away from Nate’s pure, raw, untouched vocals. In fact, the effects are only representative of how diversified the guys of fun. are musically.

Some Nights, for me, is inspiring and uplifting. After my first listen to the complete album, I was reduced to tears. The tears came before I even listened to it, actually. It’s difficult for me to summarize the feelings I have for this band and this album without brainless gushing, which I am sure this is anyway. I’ve just never been affected by something so honest, so genuine as fun. There are not enough adjectives to describe how proud I am of these guys. Popularity or not, they have always been successful to me and they always will, talent untouched.