I’m sick of new fun. fans complaining about how old fun. fans complain about new fun. fans. This feud over who is a real fan is ridiculous. 

Real fans don’t care when you started listening to the band. What they care about is supporting the band, and listening to the music the band creates. So stop it and be friends. Thanks. 

Wait I wanna say some stuff…

There’s just no point in fighting over this shit.  It’s dumb and petty and completely misses the point of music and ESPECIALLY the music fun., the band who talks about how there shows are for everyone and anyone, makes and chooses to share with us.  It’s supposed to bring us all together not make us bitch at each other about who knows more about the band or who owns more merch or who bought Aim and Ignite in 2009 or who heard We are Young on Glee first or who knows who the Format or Steel Train or Anathallo are.

Look, that girl who interrupted them during the live stream and didn’t know that Nate was born in Iowa was rude but the fact that she didn’t know where Nate was born doesn’t make her any less of a fan.  She took her time to go see them so she must have had some good reason and maybe seeing how much they rocked at that show might make her listen to the whole record and maybe listen to Aim and Ignite and BAM her world’s changed.  Fuck, I didn’t know Nate was born in Iowa… 

The idea that music is something that only you should know about is not only selfish but it just defeats the purpose of it all.  My friends HATE me because all I do is talk about this band but it’s because all I want to do is share them with everyone and make people realize what they’re missing out on by not listening to them.  I’m not trying to hoard them away and keep them my big secret because if everyone (including them) did that they wouldn’t have had the number one song on the Billboard charts for so long and they wouldn’t have played Letterman last night and they wouldn’t be touring all over the world and getting so many new and great opportunities.

There are so many of us who are obsessed with this band and who know all the little details and could probably do an interview as fun. for a magazine because we know all the answers to all the questions they get asked and I love all of you so much I really do but remember that we’re kind of the minority in the grand scheme of things.  The thousands of people who have downloaded We Are Young don’t care in the same way that we do but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care and that we or anyone should look down on them…it’s not fair and it’s mean and it’s a waste of time.

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