Can’t remember the exact quotes but in the way too long history of this blog I’ve posted two literary passages about tired protagonists sitting at their window or in their recliner having a deep think about the state of the world. I know one definitely came from The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler but I’m unsure about the other. Or maybe I heard it in a song. 

Everything slides up way too close together these days. Like you can’t tell what from what. It’s a big stew of pictures, words, events and something that feels like it happened years ago actually happened yesterday.

Turn on the television and someone was murdered. An explosion somewhere else. Cars found floating in bodies of water. Men who aren’t really men at all but puppets with hands shoved up their rectums get in your headspace via everyone of your illuminated screens or radio and either tell you how to live or tell you who to submit to.

It’s too much, turn it off, you turn it off and almost get sick because it feels like there are forces actively conspiring to diminish the quality of your life and the life of others. To take your life, period. Full stop. Sounds like a conspiracy theory but it’s in being told who you can marry, in your check that gets cut from the loans that you took because you want to make it better and believe you can, in the youth who feels desperate enough to snatch a phone—or the youth who never got a chance to develop those feelings and just lashes out like an animal. Might makes right and if you’re caught sleeping you’re fair game.

Too much to think about and that’s life. The hits will never stop coming.

but you still want to shut it all off and breathe sometimes.

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